Best Review Yet — from a young reader

Our 2018 was a crazy year by many measures, but receiving this review stands out as a highlight. Dave’s Bruno Johnson series involves Bruno’s efforts to help at-risk children, so we especially love this review—written by a 10th grader, sent to us by her teacher, Lisa.

From Lisa’s email:

This review was written by a tenth grade student in my summer school class. She read The Disposables first and liked it so much, she continued with The Replacements. I am putting the books you donated to good use!


Recommendation: The Replacements is a very interesting read and I would recommend it to everyone. Regardless of what genre you enjoy reading this book will definitely have you hooked. It has a lot of suspenseful twist and turns and it is very action packed. It’s interesting to try and figure things out before they’re revealed in the book. However this book isn’t really predictable whatever you think is going to happen probably isn’t going to happen. More likely than not the opposite of what you think will happen will probably take place. I am not big on reading, but I can never seem to put this book down. It’s nothing like I have ever read before. Sometimes when I am reading I feel like I am there in the situation first hand. The author gets so into detail with what is going on and what the characters are saying. This book is a must read and definitely not leave you disappointed. The read is definitely worth your time !

Note: I added the bold/italics on my favorite part. Hoping we inspire more young people to read more! Thanks to Lisa’s efforts, Dave will be speaking to 500-1000 students next month in 6 back-to-back assembly periods. Hopefully his voice will hold out for the whole day, and he’ll inspire more young people to read!

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Also remember reviews (especially Amazon and are extremely helpful and most appreciated, even if it’s just few words (of course, lots of stars are also appreciated)!

Looking forward to seeing more reviews and hopefully many of you in person in the coming year.



p.s. – Remember to thank your favorite teachers. Thanks again, Lisa Pacheco!