Dear Friends & Fans,

Hope this update finds you well during these challenging times. Since you’re a mystery/thriller fan, we also hope you have plenty of fun books to read for distraction and entertainment. Since most of Dave’s in-person events to launch his latest Bruno Johnson novel, THE HEARTLESS, have been cancelled, we’re increasing our on-line efforts to connect with fans. Dave’s been chatting with fans near and far via Zoom (or similar), so if you’d like to participate in a video-conference get-together or have Dave visit your book group, please let us know.

We’re happy to announce most David Putnam eBooks are on sale, through your favorite eBook sellers, until the end of May for just $1.99.

If you prefer physical books, or like to do book reviews and love ARCs (advance reader copies) let us know as we will have some giveaways in advance of the release of Dave’s next Bruno book, THE RUTHLESS, which is now available for pre-order! That’s #8 in the series.

If you’re not sure which ones you already have, we’ve added a page to the website with a quick overview of the whole series so far (the four current-day books with Bruno and Marie saving children from toxic homes in LA: THE DISPOSABLES, THE REPLACEMENTS, THE SQUANDERED, and THE VANQUISHED; plus four “Early Years” books which show how Bruno got his start as a rookie and a father: THE INNOCENTS, THE RECKLESS, THE HEARTLESS, and THE RUTHLESS).

Also, Dave’s been reading and reviewing books like crazy on, even making the top 20 reviewers, so if you’re looking for more good books to read, check out his recommendations, and while you’re there we always appreciate a good rating, or even a short review.

Wishing you good health, and hope you’re staying safe and sane, with the help of lots of books.


David & Mary Putnam

Mary (at)

6 thoughts on “Book Sale… and other updates from Author David Putnam

  1. Hi David I’ve already reviewed your upcoming Bruno Johnson novel for NetGalley , Goodreads and my own Book Blog. I’ve already reviewed 180 books for NetGalley… if you sent me an earlier Bruno Johnson ARC I’d love to publish a Review Best regards, Lou Jacobs 19011 Bedford Street ; Beverly Hills , MI 48925 ( at readers

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  2. Hello David. Thanks so much for the signed Proof of “Ruthless” … I absolutely loved it … just left a 5 Star review on NetGalley and Goodreads … please keep these marvelous tales coming. best regards, Lou Jacobs at readersremains.con


  3. Hello again David I was wondering if I’m on your list to receive an ARC of your upcoming book: The Sinister? I have previously left reviews for your other novels. Look forward to reviewing your next outstanding endeavor best regards, Lou Jacobs. ( at


  4. We would love to send you and ARC when it comes available. Did we send you a Ruthless if we did you are on out list. If we haven’t sent you a Ruthless would like one? You can send me you physical mailing address and I’ll make sure you get one. Thanks for you support of Bruno Johnson.


  5. Yes.. Please send ARC to:

    Lou Jacobs
    19011 Bedford Street
    Beverly Hills, MI. 48025

    Thx, Best Regards,
    Lou Jacobs
    at Mystery And Suspense Magazine


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