Often readers ask: “Which one should I read first?” Usually Dave’s favorite book is the one he’s written most recently. Some fans of series like to start at the beginning. This is not necessary with Dave’s books because they’re written to be read as a stand-alone. Also, the Bruno Johnson series has two beginnings. Here’s how it happened:

The first published book in the Bruno series, The Disposables (released in 2014), is NOT the first chronologically since Dave wrote four prequels–a little like how the Star Wars movies were released.

The four early-years novels begin with The Innocents (released in 2018)—Bruno is a young cop when he finds out he is the single father of baby girl, Olivia, who is placed in his care. That little girl grows up as Bruno battles a tough, brutal career throughout The Reckless, and The Heartless, and culminates in the The Ruthless–coming in Feb 2021!

That takes us to the first (in order of publication) Bruno novel, The Disposables. Current-day Bruno is an ex-cop, and now, an ex-con. Olivia is out of is life, but he has custody of a grandson, Alonso. He will do anything to protect this child—and other children.

The Replacements, The Squandered, The Vanquished follow as Bruno is called back to Los Angeles County, time and again, to extract justice—and to save children.


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