Saturday September 25, 2021

at 10:00 a.m. (EST), 7:00 a.m. (PST) – Virtual Paid Event via Florida Authors Academy

Heroes vs. Villains: Police Procedure for Writers

Making your characters and scenes more believable and full of conflict for maximum thrills. How to “Suspend Disbelief” by writing characters, scenes, and police procedures that are compelling and believable enough to keep the pages turning; Moving the action forward via scene sequencing; Avoiding writers’ block and plot fatigue using: “Motivation+Action+Reaction” with Instructor David Putnam. A two hour workshop: $25 per person. Reservations are required for Zoom invite. Call 561-279-7790 or email

For more info, visit:

**NOTE: To sweeten the deal — and to make it even more worth your while for their fee (and for getting up at 7am is you’re also here on the West Coast) — we’ll send you a fabulous Bruno care package, including at least one signed hardcover! Please contact Murder on the Beach to Sign up, info above; then email Mary to arrange your care package shipment!

Saturday Oct 16, 2021 and Dec 4, 2021 – Dave will be back in person at Temecula B&N

from noon-4

More bookstore dates coming soon — let us know if there’s a bookstore near you we should contact.

QUESTIONS? Requests? Favorite bookstores?

Please email to schedule virtual or private events. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

    1. That would a great! Perhaps next year. We have requests for Honolulu & Melbourne too. The second Bruno book, The Replacements, comes out in early 2015. Hoping to have a longer/bigger book tour for that one. Thanks for the note, Marti. We’re also in the planning stages for a “virtual book tour” where we could beam in via the Internet to chat with your favorite book group. Round up your book-reading pals!


  1. This was from 2014 I see, but now that I’m in Arkansas, I agree Dave, you should come here. We could laugh about the old Inland Empire Days!!!


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